Secondo welcomes new clients who are interested in consigning their preloved luxury garments. At the moment we are accepting autumn/ winter pieces.

It is advisable to call ahead (on +61 3 9827 8907) to arrange a time to visit the store.

The staff at Secondo will conduct an initial assessment on your items, and if they are acceptable you will be given a temporary receipt.

Secondo keeps detailed documentation on what is in store, and it is important to keep track of all receipts. If the items on consignment sell, the supplier receives 40% and Secondo pays the GST on their behalf.

If you are interested, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Tips to sell well:

Secondo starts taking in autumn/winter items every February and spring/summer items every August. Bringing in your season-appropriate items early in the season, will ensure their relevance to what shoppers are looking for.

Have the items cleaned before dropping them off. Not only you can save on cleaning charges, the items can be processed and displayed within a shorter time.

Include original packaging like dustbags, boxes and sunglasses cases with your accessories. Many shoppers come in looking to buy gifts and the original packaging will certainly help in the presentation of your consigned items.

Including original receipts with designer accessories such as bags, sunglasses and jewelries can encourage buyer confidence when it comes to high value items.